Log 9 “The Battle”

The nature of headaches is considered by the Crew. Space headaches! Also Beverly Crusher as a model for all future medicine: good bedside manner, magic glass chopsticks, and flowing auburn hair.

Log 8 “Justice”

Our crew is forced to confront their feelings about nudity and touching as they explore Justice. Theo objects to seeing too much of a woman, Sara shows disdain for a happy pleasure planet, Kirby seems…

Log 7 “Lonely Among Us”

The Ensign’s Podcast crew watch in horror as a diplomatic escort mission devolves into an alien buffet free-for-all. The courtesies of eating aliens are considered. Can first contact be an opportunity for first course?

Log 6 “Where No One Has Gone Before”

Our crew go Where No One Has Gone Before, delving into the minds of the crew of the USS Enterprise 1401-D. Kirby sings a song about a Klingon pet, Ensign Theo repeatedly uses the word…

Log 5 “The Last Outpost”

The Logcast team meet the Ferengi, an all new alien race introduced in TNG. The state of Engineering is considered as Geordi upstages an off-camera Chief Argyle.

Log 4 “Code of Honor”

The crew come up against a fierce enemy, Code of Honor, forcing them to confront racial stereotypes and the effects of having women in the workplace. By the end of it all Ensign Theo is…

Log 3 “The Naked Now”

The Enterprise encounters a research ship where all personnel are found dead. The Enterprise crew quickly become infected with the same affliction, one that is similar to that suffered by the crew of James T. Kirk’s USS Enterprise decades before.

Log 2 “Encounter At Farpoint”

Much like the first season of Star Trek: TNG the crew of Ensign’s Logcast is still figuring out what they are doing as they tackle the first episode, “Encounter at Farpoint”. Sara explains to Ensign…

Log 1 “Trek Us Out”

We’re a bunch of Trek enthusiasts introducing the Next Generation to our earnest recruit, Theo. He may have seen an episode or two before, but we are making an effort to get through the whole…