Log 31 Loud as a Whisper

Have you ever felt so lazy, you needed someone to do your talking for you? Get ready for the future, you just might need three. But, uh, don’t get too attached. Theo wishes this was…

Log 30 “The Outrageous Okona”

What’s this Star Wars Guy doing in Star Trek? Theo embraces the non-physical threat, Sara is not amused by Guinan’s amusement, and Kirby wants to know if its all a Shakespeare comedy rip-off.

Log 29 “Elementary, Dear Data”

When podcasting the final frontier, always be recording. Theo wonders what Geordi needs with a magnifying glass, Sara can’t believe the holodeck is still eating people, and Kirby gets too involved in the online model…

Ensign’s Log Supplemental 01

Commander Sara exposes Ensign Theo to the mental gauntlet that is Star Trek Merchandising. Watch him cope with an affront to galactic good taste and Federation approved kitchen utensils.

Log 28 “Where Silence Has Lease”

Star Trek gets a little M.C. Escher as they explore a void of nothingness in space! Kirby is a Skeletor fan, Theo enjoys his first real red shirt death, and Sara likes asking reasonable-crazy science…

Log 27 “The Child”

We get our first glimpse at parenting in the future with The Child! Sara makes a declaration about 36 hour pregnancy leave, Kirby uses the phrase “voluntary birth”, Theo decides to focus on Guinan and…

Season 2 Preview

Just like the show, we’ve been renewed for Season Two! Here’s a brief logcast going over the journey so far and where we boldly go next.

Log 26 “The Neutral Zone”

It’s time for the thrilling season finale! Well, it’s the season finale at least. Sara is annoyed with the odd use of the word ancient, Theo thinks the Romulans would fit in with the Beatles,…

Log 25 “Conspiracy”

In this episode the future gets really gross. Sara finds even progressive utopian institutions rely heavily on the patriarchy, Kirby refers to the monsters of the episodes as “neck piglets”, Theo feels a sticky universe…

Log 24 “We’ll Always Have Paris”

The Star Trek TNG cast does Casablanca! Sort of. Sara laments the quickly forgotten Tasha Yar, Theo learns about binary star systems, and Kirby is unimpressed by a futuristic masturbatory accordion.

Log 23 “Skin of Evil”

Tasha takes The Next Generation into darkness as Sara and Kirby are nostalgic for the trauma of this special episode. For Theo, when you’ve seen one oil slick, you’ve seen ’em all.

Log 22 “Symbiosis”

It’s the striking fashions of Miami Vice versus the drab overalls of Dexys Midnight Runners. This episode, Sara reveals an early foray into nihilism, Kirby sympathizes with the drug dealers, and Theo yearns for a…