The best thing to do on a hostile planet? Send all the senior officers down. Theo is confused about Starfleet’s power struggle with the enterprise, Sara imagines the crew’s secret passive-aggressive motivations, Kirby theorizes about the saucer-drive section separation and guest crew member Nick imagines the end of humanity’s creativity. Continue reading

Guess who’s coming to diner? This episode encourages primal scream therapy to cope with grieving. Our Ensign Theo spends quality time with some free-range Klingons, Sara objects to the shoddy Wi-Fi on Geordi’s GoPro visor, and Kirby wants to fill his heart with peace. Continue reading

On this outing we learn that the screening process for Starfleet Academy is a major risk factor for young teens in the future. Kirby demonstrates too much casual knowledge about interrogation, Sara is at odds with the Military, and Theo learns what it means to be The Karate Kid.

Continue reading

The crew matches wits with a planet of compulsive adopters. While Sara backs comprehensive Federation interplanetary adoption policy reform, Theo carves some wooden dolphins, and Kirby argues the value of “an only child” verses mere siblings as evidence of parent’s commitment to the effort. Continue reading

The crew spent an odd Valentine’s Day Weekend attempting to keep a straight face as they watched Angel One. Sara doesn’t mind matriarchies but objects to monolithic societies, Theo appreciates strong women, Kirby comes up with the song title “Sexual Apartheid”, and everyone compares chest hair. Continue reading