We get our first glimpse at parenting in the future with The Child! Sara makes a declaration about 36 hour pregnancy leave, Kirby uses the phrase “voluntary birth”, Theo decides to focus on Guinan and a lot is made of a hairy chest. A strange white light invades the Enterprise and Troi has a miracle baby in a matter of hours. While the baby grows with incredible speed the enterprise struggles to keep a plasma plague from escaping and wreaking havoc. Ship’s Counsellor Deanna Troi becomes pregnant by an alien entity and gives birth to a mysterious child. This causes problems for the Enterprise, which is transporting dangerous plague strains.

Referenced This Episode:
Whoopi Goldberg – A new actor appears…
Guinan – …playing Guinan the ship’s barkeep.
Socrates – “I drank what?”
Worf and Ripley – Two professionals, one philosophy.
Alien – Another tale of unexpected space birth…
Extro – … and another. This one is especially distressing
Sorcerer – A Kirby favorite. Love that soundtrack, too.

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