In this episode the future gets really gross. Sara finds even progressive utopian institutions rely heavily on the patriarchy, Kirby refers to the monsters of the episodes as “neck piglets”, Theo feels a sticky universe would be icky, and no one is shocked by the plot of an episode titled “Conspiracy”.Following a meeting with a fellow Captain, the strange behavior of high-ranking officers leads Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise to uncover a conspiracy of senior Starfleet officers possessed by parasitical aliens who are preparing to invade the United Federation of Planets.

Featured This Episode:
American Horror Story – A delightful bit of TV horror, good at batting for the fences.
Bones – We talk about the one episode with no bones in it.
Hannibal – A great expansion on Hannibal Lector. Gone too soon.
X-Files – A conspiracy every week. Aliens every other week.
Michael Berryman – A handsome grotesque. He put his unique look to many cool roles.
Lost Boys – Too many damn vampires.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers – Plants from the stars are taking our jobs (and identities).
Invasion from Mars – Mars wants our copper? They can have it.
Manchurian Candidate – Brainwashing cold war style, also Sinatra.
Wrath of Khan – Things got pretty exciting in this one. Come for the Kirk, stay for the Khaaaaannn!


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