The best thing to do on a hostile planet? Send all the senior officers down. Theo is confused about Starfleet’s power struggle with the enterprise, Sara imagines the crew’s secret passive-aggressive motivations, Kirby theorizes about the saucer-drive section separation and guest crew member Nick imagines the end of humanity’s creativity. The TNG crew investigates the disappearance of the USS Drake near planet Minos, where an away team and the ship are separately attacked by the demonstration of an automated weapons system.

Referenced in this log:

SeaQuest  High adventure in the depths of Earth’s oceans with Roy Schneider and the DeLuise Family
Sliders –  Jumping out of and onto other parallel worlds. The whole cast must have become excellent tumblers.
Shirley TempleCaptain of the USS Lollipop. A good ship.
Terminator  Dum dum dum da dummm. Dum dum dum da dummm.
TeslaElectric car manufacturer with poorly named drive assist feature.
Gray Goo  The endgame of self replicating nanotech. More of the same.
Stargate Replicators  Grey goo with a tendency for scuttling crab shapes.
Iain M BanksSpace Opera won’t be the same without him.
Charles Stross Know to work post-singularity tech into his stories.

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