First contact gets geological for the crew as waterbag-shaming becomes a thing on a terraforming project. Theo gets serious about being touched on the hair, Sara is critical about older NCOs in engineering, and Kirby teleports while running the microwave.The crew of the Enterprise investigate the murder of a crewman on a terraforming colony and discover a crystalline life form possessing intelligence.

Referenced in this log:

Talespin – Greatest achievement in Saturday morning entertainment. In a word “Sky-Pirates”
Alvin and the Chipmunks – Three rodents, somewhat musical.
Dungeons and Dragons – A hours-long game of rolling a 20 sided die and only hitting low primes.
Alien – Not a thing like Star Trek.
The Thing – Even further from the adventures of our heroes of the Enterprise.
Mass Effect – Babylon 5, the video game.
SOMA – Another video game, this time underwater. Plus existential dread about digital non-corporeal continuity.

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