After surviving Too Short A Season the crew declare it cocktail hour, Theo keeps trying to check out of the conversation, Kirby is an unreliable witness to the Iran-Contra Affair, and Sara explains male menopause to the men.The Enterprise transports the elderly Admiral Mark Jameson to deal with a hostage negotiation on the planet Mordan IV. Jameson took a drug to reverse his aging, and must defuse the situation with a former adversary.

Referenced in this log:

Andropause – Men are hardly exempt from age’s ravages.
Charles Xavier’s Wheelchair – Patrick Stewart’s movie version was a bit minimal compared to the cartoon.
The Trouble With Tribbles – We catch an original series alum from this classic episode.
Cialis – The suburban answer for erectile dysfunction in intimate tennis pairs.
Stem Cell Cream – The conclusion of all possible avenues in moisture cream development. Expect all the stem cells.
45 Years – A Film about growing old with your partner and stunning personal horror. Totally riveting stuff.
Iran-Contra Affair – If you remember this then you’re an Old, too.
Akira Kurosawa – A director who knew you had to be entertaining even when making a social commentary.
Spaceballs – “We ain’t found shit.”

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