The crew spent an odd Valentine’s Day Weekend attempting to keep a straight face as they watched Angel One. Sara doesn’t mind matriarchies but objects to monolithic societies, Theo appreciates strong women, Kirby comes up with the song title “Sexual Apartheid”, and everyone compares chest hair.In this episode, an away team visits a world dominated by women to search for survivors of a downed freighter, while the crew of the Enterprise suffer from the effects of a debilitating virus.

Referenced This Episode:

Stargate One of the new classics of SciFi television. Traveling to other worlds, skipping the spaceship.
Dejima A diplomatic trading post for isolationist-era Japan. Dutch hangout.
McGyverIf Mr. Wizard became an adventure hero. Can turns household products into plot twists.
Richard Dean AndersonWow, dashingly handsome actor. Such hair. Star of McGuyver and Stargate.
VandreadGreat anime version of Angel One. Proof that nothing is original.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Don’t watch if you get attached to your shoes.
ZardozJust the craziest thing from every angle. Can’t stop watching.
Apartheid – Segregation and control.
Instructables – Let’s make lamps!

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