Our crew is excited to explore the holodeck during The Big Goodbye. Theo struggles to understand the technology, Sara guesses about holodeck upgrades, Kirby imagines diplomacy gone horribly wrong and we all question the necessity of a human dissolving machine on the Enterprise.

The crew are sent to open diplomatic ties with the Jaradan. While taking a break from preparations, a computer malfunction traps Picard , Data, and Dr. Beverly Crusher in a 1940s-style gangster holodeck program with the Captain playing the role of detective Dixon Hill.

Raymond Chandler – Writer of hard-boiled detective fiction. “Dead men are heavier than broken hearts.”
The Maltese Falcon – A classic detective novel by Dashiell Hammett, later a film noir with Humphrey Bogart.
Hyperdrive –  A really funny Trek parody showcasing a very British team effort to not die in space.
Sleep No More – If you are in New York, just go to this. Twice.
Renfaire – Some are better than others.
Puzzle Room – Also “Escape Rooms”, these are simulated adventure situations. typically against a ticking clock.
Peter Lorre – A character actor always playing “that kinda weird guy.” Early version of Steve Buscemi.
Sidney Greenstreet – Another charatcer actor, often paired with Lorre. Often the “Older experienced guy.”
Casablanca – Classic Hollywood. Everybody’s a hard case with a tortured past they’re running from. Learn the quotes.

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