The crew spent an odd Valentine’s Day Weekend attempting to keep a straight face as they watched Angel One. Sara doesn’t mind matriarchies but objects to monolithic societies, Theo appreciates strong women, Kirby comes up with the song title “Sexual Apartheid”, and everyone compares chest hair. Continue reading

The crew struggles with this episode because, despite the fact that they like it, they can’t keep track of what happens. To make matters worse Kirby becomes preoccupied with male android nudity, Theo unexpectedly shows an inability to pronounce the word entity, Sara despises the automatic twitch transferal machine and we all delight at a chance to see Chief Engineer Argyle achieve the amazing once again. Continue reading

Our crew is excited to explore the holodeck during The Big Goodbye. Theo struggles to understand the technology, Sara guesses about holodeck upgrades, Kirby imagines diplomacy gone horribly wrong and we all question the necessity of a human dissolving machine on the Enterprise. Continue reading