Our crew is forced to confront their feelings about nudity and touching as they explore Justice. Theo objects to seeing too much of a woman, Sara shows disdain for a happy pleasure planet, Kirby seems to love suffering, and everyone has about had it with super entities. Wesley is sentenced to death after inadvertently breaking the law on an alien planet. Captain Picard must deal with the powerful and mysterious protector of the planet while deliberating whether to violate the Prime Directive to save Wesley’s life.

Referenced in this episode:
The Cosby Show – This family sitcom was the top show at the time of Star Trek The Next Generation’s first season.
The Panopticon – An architectural concept using pervasive surveillance to encourage behavior modification.
Weekend at Bernie’s – A dark comedy of hiding your boss’ death by hanging out at parties with his body. A classic.
The Huntington Gardens – A institute with 120 acres of specialized botanical landscaped gardens. Also, a nice tea room.

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