The crew come up against a fierce enemy, Code of Honor, forcing them to confront racial stereotypes and the effects of having women in the workplace. By the end of it all Ensign Theo is rendered dumb, Sara is creeped out, John Kirby proves he’ll enjoy just about anything and we all try to figure out what we would done differently with the episode.

While the ship is visiting the planet Ligon II to retrieve a vaccine, crewman Tasha Yar is abducted by the leader of the Ligonians. The race abide by a strict code of honor, and their leader seeks to use Yar as a pawn to increase his own personal power.

Referenced during the episode:
Taipan! – A classic Apple II game about trading goods in the Far East. Possibly a opium pirate simulator. Now available on iPhone, too.

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One comment on “Log 4 “Code of Honor”

  1. six of nine Dec 2, 2018

    @5:45 you said the costumes look cheap for the 90s but the episode is from 1987.
    I read somewhere that this episode was a parabel the south african Apartheit (which was still around, when the episode aired)

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