Much like the first season of Star Trek: TNG the crew of Ensign’s Logcast is still figuring out what they are doing as they tackle the first episode, “Encounter at Farpoint”. Sara explains to Ensign Theo why he found it confusing, Theo can’t remember Groppler Zorn’s name, Kirby explains the true financial aim of the creators, and the word “disconnect” is used more than a few times.

The crew of the newly built Enterprise examine the mysterious Farpoint Station which the Bandi people are offering to the Federation, while under the gaze of a powerful alien entity that calls himself Q. We get our young Ensign started on the Next Generation right. The first mission introduces series favorite “Q”, but leaves behind Groppler Zorn. A beleaguered middle manager who has cut the ultimate corner in the construction of Farpoint.


In this episode we reference:

Star Trek 2.0 FAQ – A handy print guide to rediscovering the ins and outs of TNG
Memory Alpha – A Star Trek only wiki with good behind-the-scenes trivia and production notes.
Wikipedia’s Farpoint Episode Entry – Wikipedia’s own pile of info on the episode.
Fashion It So – The best TNG fashion criticism blog. Working that Skant uniform.
Jandrew Edits – A madman with devestating video edits of TNG episodes. Some may be NSFW.


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